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How Tough is SSC CGL Exam

Each year millions of candidates appear for the SSC Combined Graduate Level Examination. Considering the examination and time of the process of examination, SSC CGL is considered to be a challenging exam. But Is SSC CGL Tough? In this article, we’ll help you find out the nature of the examination and whether SSC CGL is tough or easy.  

Is SSC CGL Examination Tough?

Most of the aspirants get intimidated by the exam and the level of competition but the fact is that the SSC CGL exam is not tough! With proper planning and the right guidance, any aspirant can crack the exam with good marks.  

SSC CGL is a simple exam that needs a lot of practice, a systematic study plan, and appropriate study material. Wondering how you can arrange all this to ensure you crack the SSC CGL on the first attempt. Talk to our education experts now! 

SSC CGL Examination – Data Point 

We’ve got some data points for the aspirants which will help them analyse the data related to the past three examinations. Check the table below:  

S.NoExam YearTotal No. of Students AppliedAppeared CandidatesOverall Attendance %No of the Candidates Cleared Tier1Tier 1 Cleared %Remarks
01.2018-1925,97,0008,37, 00032.33%1,50,39617.96%The competition was 6% as compared to applied students.
022019-2021,59,5129,78,10345.29%1,25,27912.8%The competition was 5.80% (Almost 6%) as compared to applied students.
032020-2121897918,26,45737.74%1,14,13513.8%The competition was 5.21% (Almost 6%) as compared to applied students.


To ensure that you can clear the SSC CGL Exam, we’ve got some tips that will help you kick-start your preparation.

  1. Know the pattern & SSC CGL Syllabus with the Weightage of each topic
  2. Know the Previous Year Cut Off
  3. Knowing the SSC CGL Syllabus & Difficulty Level
  4. Keep in mind the time Left for SSC CGL Preparation 2022
  5. Refer to some Books for SSC CGL
  6. Go Through Previous Year’s Papers


Question. Is the SSC CGL exam tough to crack nowadays?

Answer. SSC-CGL is not a difficult exam to crack but this exam covers a wide range of topics, so it is crucial to focus on your strengths and weaknesses and practice a lot.

Also, ensure that you allow yourself time for breaks and relaxation.

With the right guidance and sincere dedication, anyone can pass SSC-CGL!

Question. Is SSC CGL difficult to crack for general-category students?

Answer. No, general candidates can easily crack SSC CGL. One must preach hard work with complete passion and commitment while preparing for the SSC CGL exam. To get details information on SSC CGL, the candidates can visit here.

Question. What is the level of difficulty of the SSC CGL exam

Answer. Some sections of the SSC CGL exam are of easy to moderate level. If candidates prepare for the exam well in advance, they can qualify for it easily.

Question. How tough it is to crack SSC cgl on the first attempt?

Answer. There’s a misconception that SSC CGL is tough to crack on the first attempt. In fact, with an effective strategy and continuous efforts, one can easily crack this exam. So, stop thinking that it’s tough to clear the SCC CGL exam and start working hard!

Question. Is SSC CGL tougher than UPSC?

Answer: UPSC, commonly known as the civil services exam tend to be much more difficult. The syllabus as well as the competition level of the UPSC exam is extensive as compared to SSC. 

Question. Is SSC CGL Tier 1 Difficult?

Answer: The questions asked in the SSC CGL Tier I exam are of easy to moderate level. But some of the questions remain a little tricky and a few are a little bit time-consuming. Most of the questions are doable! 

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