Nazar ya Nazariya

Prof. Jagdish Luthra

Rosemary Foundation
rosemary institute

Fortune Favours the Brave

– Prof. Jagdish Luthra

Late PROF. JAGDISH LUTHRA, owner and founder of Rosemary Institute is among the leading educational reformers who have given a new direction to the teaching methodology practiced across the country. With over 50 years of worldliness as a preceptor, Prof. Luthra is the repository of counselling. According to him, “The Art Of Counselling Is The Art Of Assisting Discovery” i.e. we need the will to carry on, fight against temptations, and do things in the right manner instead of choosing an easy or a line of least resistance. To drift in the wind, to float downstream with the current, you do not have to make any serious effort. But to be in the lead, make the rest follow your path, march ahead as a pathfinder, do the unusual, accomplish great things, rise against the wind, swim or row upstream against the current, you will power and a focused eye. To be a slave to your senses, you do not need counselling. But to be the captain of your feelings, to maintain control and discipline, to be the master of your fate, you cannot do without the right direction or counsel. In brief, the eagle-eyed vision of your path is a success.