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English Speaking Institute in Meerut

About our mentor

PROF. JAGDISH LUTHRA, owner and founder of Rosemary Institute is among the leading educational reformers who have given a new direction to the teaching methodology practiced across the country. With over 50 years of worldliness as preceptor, Prof. Luthra is the repository of counselling. According to him, “The Art Of Counselling Is The Art Of Assisting Discovery” i.e. we need the will to carry on, to fight against temptations, to do things in the right manner instead of choosing an easy or a line of least resistance.

Why join us?

  • Join The Best English-speaking institute & take Your step to speak Fluent English. 
  • We have 50+ years of experience in teaching thousands of students.
  • We have taught almost every person in Meerut who has wanted to speak fluent English since 1971. The English speaking course by Rosemary Institute (Meerut) is best for students with very little knowledge of speaking English and who struggle to speak English in their daily lives. Furthermore, Rosemary Institute English speaking classes are filled with short activities and English conversation, 
  • For practice the English language of Daily tasks, such as going to the bank, speaking on phone, talking about any topic, etc. 
  • At our Institute, you will polish your English speaking skills, making it fun and easy to learn and improve your English. 
  • Also, every English Speaking Lecture includes a practice, follow-up activity, and the chance to write and practice your content.

What will you get?

  • First of all, you will get classes every day, we work for 7 days a week because we believe that a man eats daily then why not study daily.
  • In our institute you will not only sit and take notes which happens in many other institutes, we will push you to speak by making you comfortable.
  • Because of our dedication and love towards students, we can create 50,000+ successful students in many fields like INDIAN ARMY, IRS, IPS, etc.
  • Next thing we work on your pronunciation of words by showcasing and correcting you individually because we take a maximum of 20 students in a batch.
  • Moving forward, you will get many words to use in sentences and making you speak for practicing.
  • Next thing you will get simplified grammar rules so that you can speak correct sentences.
  • Last but not least, you will get a group discussion in which each person has to speak which is the most important point because through this you will be able to speak without thinking in few days.

Why is it important to speak good english?

  • First of all one should know, why it is important to speak good any language whether it is Hindi or English or any other language. 
  • Language teach us manners and etiquettes, which are important in daily life because it makes us civilized, it makes us human otherwise we are like an animal using more gesture instead of words.

What your progress will look like?

In one month: You will be able to speak few lines with the correct pronunciation of few words.


In two months: You will be able to speak more confidently and will start making sense in your sentences.


In three months: You will be able to think in English instead of Hindi, which will help you speak faster and without breaking in between which is the meaning of fluent.


In four months: At the end of four months, you will be speaking English much better than before you joined us that’s our guarantee. You will more comfortable when speaking English, plus you will be more logical in your argument, plus you will be using more words when you are speaking which will help you succeed in life whatever you choose to do.

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