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Personality tips: what’s the difference between extroverts and introverts?
Thursday, 25 October 2012 05:07

Personality tips: what’s the difference between extroverts and introverts?

People are raised being taught that everyone is different. Each person is given their own personality. If everyone had the same personality type, the world would indeed be a boring place to live. There are many factors that define a person’s personality type. There are two extremes for each of these factors. One of these factors contains the two extremes known as extroverted and introverted. What exactly do these mean for a person?


What is extroverted?

Extroverted people are in the more outgoing group of people. They are the “social butterflies” of our society. They are the ones who are more apt to greet people and just join into the group that has already formed. An extrovert loves to be around other people. In fact, they often thrive on it.

Extroverts are also more likely to immerse themselves into the more fast paced jobs and other aspects of society. Slower jobs that take a long time to complete frustrate these types of people. They do not possess the patience to complete these tasks efficiently. They like a variety in their work with lots of change and lots of action. They do not mind being interrupted from their tasks by things such as a telephone call. Extroverts like to see the results of their jobs and enjoy seeing how other people do the same job. They are quick workers, but dislike jobs that are complicated.

Extroverts are also very good communicators especially verbally. With this there are also some downfalls, though. They often will act or speak quickly without thinking. This can sometimes be a dangerous thing often getting them into trouble. They also learn how to do things much better through their verbal communication and hands-on learning


What is Introverted?

Introverts are the exact opposites of extroverts in many ways. They are the shyer, quieter people of the world. They often have trouble remembering names and/or faces of people they have met. They prefer to work alone lost in their own thought rather than working with other people on a project. Introverts are often seen as the “loners” of society.

Introverts enjoy working on jobs that require a lot of thinking and that take long periods of time to complete. They are very detail oriented and think everything through thoroughly rather than making quick judgments about something. An introvert does not mind working on a single project for a long period of time and prefers to do so without any interruptions. They like for things to be quiet to aid in their concentration. They are also interested in the idea behind their job rather than how to do it.

Introverted people are better communicators through writing and other non-verbal techniques. They like to take the time to think before they speak and act and writing gives them the time that they need. Introverts sometimes have trouble getting their ideas across to others effectively. They find it easier to learn things through reading about it rather than experiencing it.

No matter which of these categories a person falls under, it is not a set stereotype. Many people carry attributes from both categories with varying degrees. A person labeled as one or the other does not need to hold true to the stereotype. Everyone is different. These are only the extremes on a wide spectrum of personality types and should be coupled with other factors to create a more accurate personality analysis.