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According to the 73rd Amendment Act, the administrative set up of Panchayat in the State consists of Village Panchayats, Intermediate Panchayats, District Panchayats, Gram Sabhas and Ward Sabhas.

Gram Sabha consists of all persons whose names are included in the electoral rolls relating to a Village Panchayat

Powers, Duties and Functions of Gram Sabha -

•  The Gram Sabha shall, in such manner and subject to such procedure as may be prescribed, perform such functions as enumerated in the Fifth Schedule.

•  The Gram Sabha shall make periodical reports to the Village Panchayat in respect of the matters specified in the Fifth Schedule.

•  The Village Panchayat shall carry out the recommendations, if any, made by the Gram Sabha in regard to the matters before it under this section.

•  When beneficiaries are to be selected for any scheme, project or plan, the criteria for eligibility and order of priority shall be fixed by the Panchayat subject to the terms and conditions prescribed in the scheme, project or plan and such criteria shall be published in the manner prescribed and intimated to the Gram Sabha.

•  The priority list prepared by the Village Panchayat after inviting applications for the selection of beneficiaries and conducting enquiries on the application received, shall be scrutinised at the meeting of the Gram Sabha in which the applicants will also be invited and a final list of the deserving beneficiaries, in the order of priority, shall be prepared and sent for the approval of the Village Panchayat.

•  The Gram Sabha may appoint, elect or constitute general or special sub- committees for detailed discussions on any issues or programmes and for the effective implementation of the schemes and the decisions and in furtherance of its rights and responsibilities. The recommendations of such committees shall be placed before the Gram Sabha and if approved, shall be considered as decisions of the Gram Sabha and action taken accordingly: Provided that such committees shall consist of not less than ten members of whom not less than half shall be women.

Meetings of Gram Sabha -

•  Gram Sabha shall meet at least once in two months at the place fixed by the Village Panchayat and to such meetings, the Convenor of the Village Panchayat shall, compulsorily invite the member of the Intermediate Panchayat, the District Panchayat and the Legislative Assembly representing the area of the Gram Sabha.

•  The Village Panchayat shall place before the Gram Sabha a report regarding the developmental programmes undertaken during the previous year and those that are proposed to by undertaken during the current year, and the expenditure therefor, and the annual statement of accounts and the administration report of the preceding year. If in any circumstances, any decision of the Gram Sabha could not be implemented, the Chairperson shall report the reason therefor, to the Gram Sabha.

•  The Gram Sabha shall, in its ordinary meeting or in the special meeting convened for the purpose discuss the report shall have the right to know about the budgetary provisions, the details of plan outlay, item wise allocation of funds and details of the estimates and cost of works executed or proposed to be executed within the area of the Gram Sabha.

•  The Audit Report or the Performance Audit Report placed for the consideration of the Gram Sabha shall be discussed in the meeting and its views, recommendations and suggestions shall be communicated to the concerned Village Panchayat.

•  The proceedings of every meeting shall be recorded in the Minutes Book immediately. Any member of the Gram Sabha is entitled to get a true copy of the minutes of one or more meetings by paying the requisite fee which shall be made available by the Secretary within a day of the receipt of the application with fee. The Minutes Book shall not be taken outside the office under any circumstances.

•  The Annual Meeting of the Gram Sabha shall be held not less than 3 months prior to the commencement of the next financial year, and the Village Panchayat shall place before such meeting:-

a) The annual statement of accounts;

b) The report of administration of the preceding financial year;

c) The development and other programmes of the works proposed for the next financial year;

d) The last audit note and replies, if any, thereto; and

e) The Medium Term Fiscal Plan, Annual Budget and Annual Plan for the next financial year of the Village Panchayat.