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FRONT LINE MAGAZINE : Vol. 29 :: No. 26 Dec 29 2012 - Jan 11 2013
Wednesday, 02 January 2013 03:48


Vol. 29 :: No. 26
Dec 29 2012 - Jan 11 2013

from the publishers of THE HINDU


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Cover Story

Polls & portents
Zero surprise
The Muslim vote
Assembly Elections 2012: Gujarat
Assembly Elections 2012: Himachal Pradesh
Interview:Prof.Ghanshyam Shah, social scientist
India's New Right
Interview:Christophe Jaffrelot
Himachal Pradesh: Cautious in victory

Reservation Bill: Politics over principle

Land acquisition: A law and its losers
Interview: Jairam Ramesh, Union Minister for Rural Development

World Affairs

American tragedy

North Korea: Satellite salvo
Egypt: Divided revolution
Emirates' dilemmas
Syria: Imperial stamp


Megalithic wonder in Karnataka
Art on stone


The Buddhist temples of Japan

Tamil Nadu
Greenspace: Tree man


Pandit Ravi Shankar: Master of rhythm

Social Issues
Enabling the disabled

Focus: DRDO
Powered by young scientists


Light on sunspots

Olympic muddle
Record of violations

C.P. Chandrasekhar:Big change in banking
Jayati Ghosh: Scent of a scheme
Sashi Kumar:Conversations in the cacophony

Science Notebook
Floating nuclear plant
Symmetry in black hole jets
Aerobics and brain power
Silicon's challenger

Data Card
Riding on FII inflows

World View
Venezuela: Glad news for Chavez
South Korea: First woman President
Japan: Return of the Right

The Nation
Brutalised in a bus
Dalit priest driven to suicide
Muffling dissent
Sangma loses again

A flawed project
review by Vijay Prashad
Victims of development
review by Ashish Kothari
Wars and democracy
review by A.G. Noorani
Road to Naxalbari
review by Suhrid Sankar Chattopadhyay
Culinary delights
review by A.G. Noorani