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Essay : Decline of the Indian society in the modern era
Wednesday, 18 July 2012 10:01

Decline of the Indian society in the modern era

Indian Society from times immemorial has been praised and praised by the world. However, with a variety of influences specially from the west, the Indian society is facing a downhill march. The pillars of the erstwhile Indian society, the family, the society, the caster, are all found to be breaking under different pressures. The conglomerate of Indian families termed as the Indian society, I daresay hardly exists now, it is all crumbling into single family units, hardly even known to each other most of the time.

The family which at one time consisted of a strong bond of all brothers, their wives and all the children, has now become a single unit with only the father, the mother and the child. Even this miniature family is further seen to be losing the feel of a family. This is because now, women being educated, found to be working on jobs, so even for this little bit of a family, the women have no time, so the home, the husband, the child all suffer from lack of cohesion, love and care. This fragmentation of the one time joint family is not at all a fair omen for the country. This is because, it is the home where the next generation is made, and if this very institution moves towards breaking, what would be at the end of the road is certainly not very inspiring.
Regarding Society, the one piece society of the olden times has been broken into small incoherent groups. These groups of like minded people only get together to break other groups of like minded people, and this is what our society consists of to-day. A look at the big cities and towns is very very frustrating. Most of us do not even know who our neighbours are, and neither we care to know who they are. This results is an extreme callousness of the people towards each other, no matter how close to each other they may be living physically. A worse appearance of the Indian society could never have been envisaged. The society that was once a strong bond of love and care is now crumbling to dust and even vision to see each other is getting blurred.

Our society can be seen hiijaced from its original gradeur by aping the West. Education of women which should be considered as an asset for the country is becoming an eyesore, and creating more problems in the social scenario. The women working out of the home now have no to the time for family, no consideration for the family, and I daresay not even love for the family. This is because she has now a career to make, which can not be done unless she gives all her time and interest to it. This single aspect has contributed heavily to the loosening the bonds if any in the family and the society.

To cap it all, the deterioration of the Indian society is near complete by our complete lack of values that are essential to a togetherness in a living. We have completely lost our inherent and traditional values, all these we have staked on the altar of money. Money earning money and earning more money is now our only prime concern, and in our search for this, we have lost track of all else.

If this situation continues to stay it will be no wonder to see that India has lost all sense and love for its traditions and values. In our society of to-day another section that faces a crisis is the section of the senior citizens. This is also because of the break up of the ties of love that were in a family. Now the children do not at all love their parents and neither do they feel obliged to the parents for all they have done for them. This is making the senior citizens a category of left outs, uncared for and unhappy.
If this trend continues for long the greatest treasure of India, its social fabric is sure to get dessimated.

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