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By: Swami Vivekanand



SINCE 1971

"Think high stars lie hidden in our soul, Dream deep, for every dream provides the goal."

With this perception on 1st Jan. 1971, the foundation of Rosemary was laid. Saplings are nurtured here with utmost care and vision to make fruitful personalities of highest calibre for society.

Our aim is to enrich one with Ethics, Morality, Knowledge, Intellect and Hard Labour. To prepare the mild fighters, who can go to any extent for justice and at the same time strong enough to accept their flaws.

Scientific advancement is the call of today but real value of society is indeed not only scientific but moral too. We work for liberalizing the mind by the will, by preparing ourselves to live more humanely in the present and to meet the challenges of future.

We provide subject based knowledge for various competitions like Civil Services (CSAT), Judicial Services, NDA, CDS, SSC, CPO, Railways, Banking, MBA,  etc.

With this, we give guidelines for various courses of graduate and post graduate level. Above all we provide Special Personality Grooming programme to all our batches to produce'Characters' for Society.

The distinguished features of 24 hr library facility, nominal charges and scholarship to needy students, extra curricular activities like debates, extempore, educational tours, has made the institute unparallel and the outcome is that Rosemarians are serving in variegated fields.

Rosemary is a tree of learning where students are the branches, which are nurtured by our profound teachers. It is a platform of self expression where the hidden talents are converted into sprouting brains and budding personalities under the tutelage of learned teachers.

Education is a continuous journey that never ends. We only try to impart the perfect and multidimensional vision, with a hope that wherever they will move they leave their imprint to the mind and hearts of people.

In fine, we address our students with the words,

'Come in to learn and grow, Go out to serve and show.'



Prof. Jagdish Luthra



"God Grant me the Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change,

Courage to Change the Things I Can and Wisdom to Know the Difference"

This might had been the motto with which a young boy of 10 yrs started his journey from Meerut to Dehradun all alone and in darkness too as he was not imparted with colour vision. He was bestowed with a mind and heart to ponder over the extreme rigidities of life, with this he responded to the bleak world with resilience-forging ahead, piercing all darkness. His academic achievements from Andh Mahavidyalaya to Master of Philosophy from Meerut College, Meerut includes the credit of best student, best speaker, best chess player and many more.

Through his will power and positive approach to life, he carved a niche for himself in society. The one who was written off by the society, siblings, and the parents too, has indeed come a long way. In spite of being a parasite to others he emerged out as a living legend in his hometown. For his outstanding and meritorious services in the field of education & social work, he had been conferred with numerous awards and honours of national & international level. Print media as well as television channels like Sahara, NDTV, Ankhon Dekhi etc. covers his remarkable accomplishments time to time.

He holds a burning desire of acquiring wisdom and then transferring it to others. True to his name Prof. Luthra is a cesspool and conglomeration of dedication, devotion and discipline. He is a statesman who has built up himself by his own exertion; he resembles a kite which rises against the wind and not with it. He passed through a gruesome sieve of critical tests of life, and cleared them with indomitable will power, with a belief,  "motive others to be optimistic, encourage them to work hard with full strength and energy without expecting any thing in favour, one should live for present, forget the past and think of a better tomorrow."

Fraternal in love, Parental in affection, and Romanic in cooperation is all about his relationship with his students. He acts as an enterprising personality who is inspiring countless others to do the same. This is not an end but a beginning for him to comprehend the nectar, he holds the view

"Woods are Lonely Dark and Deep, I have Promises to Keep,

Miles to go before I Sleep, Miles to go before I Sleep".

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